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How to become an Instagram influencer?

How to BECOME AN Instagram Influencers

A Complete Insight on how to be Next Big Social media Influencer

With so many other factors involved, one cannot deny the fact that technology brings more career opportunities and various chances to earn money.  In so many other career opportunities IG influencer has been one which could not have been considered a career even just a decade ago. But now young non-celeb IG users considered it a golden chance to pick IG influencer as a career as it is really worth investing the time and effort. Now, more youngsters are trying to figure out ways of how to become an Instagram influencer. 

Moreover, according to the conducted survey in the current influencer market nowadays, marketers, on the whole, spend more than $570 million annually. With the increasing interest of more and more people becoming an Instagram influencer, we bring to you a comprehensive to-the-point guide on IG influencer as well as importance, statistics and useful tips from top-popular IG influencers.  

Instagram Influencer

IG influencers hold a large audience and great numbers of Instagram followers, these individuals use their authenticity, credibility and reliability to attract more and more audience.  Insta influencers enjoy large following through their best engagement rates and smart strategies __ hence their presence on social media steadily raises in the market competition. 

According to reliable sources in 2018, brands in the international market reportedly spent $5.67 billion on influencer market. Besides, it was forecasted that the amount would increase to more or less $8 billion in the year 2020. This was the shocking statics made more people try their best in influencer marketing.

As we all know that brands can only spend their money when they think they got immense benefit from, subsequently the increasing reputation of influencer marketing made brands spent billions of dollars.  Similarly, influencer marketing has become a worthwhile method to gain quick popularity and earn good money.

It’s a common question people usually ask about how much does an IG influencer can earn. Actually, influencers with significant Instagram followers and engaged audience do charge enough money although influencers with low spectrum charge less amount of money. Insta influencers charge the varied amount of money somewhere in between $70 to $3,000 for a post.

The fact of the matter is, one needs to put a lot effort as becoming an Instagram influencer is not at all easy, one needs to grow substantial follower base which no doubt require time, effort, strategy and determination.  Once you start growing your influence over the audience it will steadily increase. 

According to popular and successful insta influencer, you just need to be focused, passionate and determined that’s the basic strategy to be followed while following these steps you will be all set to head out in the right direction. Do follow this post till end as we compiled all basic steps and needed tips to help you become an Instagram influencer.

Are you all set to figure out what it takes to be an IG influencer? Let’s get started:

Step # 1 Forget strategy choose passion

There are various niches which can attract a larger audience but greed can ruin the whole game. Choose your adoring niche do not think about anything else, as an influencer is a game of influencing audience so think properly about the niche you are most passionate about. There is some sort of sector in which an individual has enough interest and insight, there is something that not just suits your personality but you enjoy doing it.

Take examples of successful influencers but do not copy others blindly. For instance fitness manic who loves to post fitness related elements have many audiences on Instagram but if you are not interested in fitness slightly you will end up ruin everything. Social media influencer can only win if they ‘make it’ not ‘fake it’.    

Picking your hobby as a niche would be a great idea. Without keen interest you cannot bring the soul in your daily Instagram post similarly audience will not feel engagement, attraction and something new. Furthermore, you can have even a combo of niches, for example, you love travelling, cooking & lifestyle, so it gives you diversity and more urge to create an engaging post, photos and videos.


– You need to choose a broader niche with at least 3 to 4 content pillars (comprehensively mentioned below) as multi-faceted is the trend these days.

– For choosing the right niche you need to ask yourself, what is the niche you adore? What is the niche you have insight about and what could be the niche that makes you happy and consistent with the content creation throughout a year?

Step # 2 Business Account on Instagram will work

To enter in influencer marketing it will be very helpful to switch from personal IG account to business Instagram profile, as Instagram offers varieties of tools and features only for business profile users to check insights. Also, such tools and features will give you access to data demographics of your active Instagram followers. It helps greatly with the business. 

Instagram business profile provides you regular data, in short, keeps you update about your followers’ activity, demographics, activity, and preferences as well as update you with top viewers also identify locations/places where you are most popular. This can be a great help as you can plan or forecast better moves according to top viewer’s preferences.

With the help of such helpful demographics and statistics, you can tailor your content, planning more wisely according to the audience’s behaviour, definitely turn out to be profitable. Advertisement is another perk of the business profile while checking IG stories you might notice ads which eventually become the best way for your profile to get noticed by audience, brands and advertisers.

Note: Swiping from personal account to business profile is all free although you will need to pay a small amount for ads.

Step # 3 Composition of a Worth mentioning Bio (Be creative, amazing & crazy)

Don’t be late to further working on your profile once you are done with a niche option. Get started with fine-turning your business Instagram profile, for this creates an amazing, creative, crazy/funny Bio that attracts the audience’s attention. This is the foremost way of interaction with your audience so create your bio in a most interesting way which instantly grabs people’s attention.

There can be two options you can try first is to be creative with your bio, select right words to write your story to come up with noteworthy bio. The second option is just to be yourself, if you are fun-loving person, enjoys what you do so be natural and get all your craziness out in your bio, let the audience enjoy your perception. You have to create an inspiring bio that not just catches the audience’s attention but people feel encouraged or fun in some way.

Bio is the first thing potential followers or brands will notice on the profile you manages, so act wisely. Creating an amazing eye-catching Instagram bio is the step takes you one step closer to become IG influencer.

For example let’s take a look at the convincing Bio of famous travel blogger and influencer Helena Sula, where she wisely mentioned ‘travel blogger’ in this way her profile pop-up with the same searches always. Furthermore, she concisely tells the story that she went to Germany to travel to Europe and only taken her husband and pups excluding anything else, these such details make her bio attractive and interesting.  


– An intelligent idea to create bio is more like elevator speech, think of you describing yourself in one minute so you will choose meaningful words to make impactful content

– Think what describes you best as a person, your motive, your product/service etc.

– If you run the website, online store or public pages, do add a link in your IG Bio (Instagram Bios are always open for editing)

Step # 4 Stories, Hashtags & Captions 

Insta stories are the easiest yet fastest way to get good IG presence as you can tag pages and profiles even can forward or share them to make a substantial presence at Instagram. In addition, using locations or hashtags makes your stories on Instagram more prominent or available in insta feed also outbound links can be added along with Swipe up tool.

To be more engaging or interacting better with the audience you should go live with insta stories it helps you get viewed by many other people.

Check out below, an exciting and attention-grabbing Instagram story that might provide you with an idea of how to describe your brand or service in an inspiring way.  

Besides, if you think sharing photos only can make you Instagram influencer so friend you got the wrong idea, photos without captions are considered nothing. Not only can this but good captions that go well with photos help you with Insta stories also help you connected well with the audience. Get captions which can connect you emotionally to the viewers who may feel connected in any way, so that they will follow you by trusting your emotions.

Captions can be varied in length, don’t forget to be natural, fake does not last long. Nowadays captions with more characters have been a trend so feel free to create long captions, get your emotions out and connect with community well. In this way you can begin spark conversation as well as the meaningful connection with the audience.

Check out some great examples of best captions related to various niches:


– You should tag your stories to others and do not forget to shout out for others profile, in this way you will be able to grow following also building a relationship to others as they will do the same for you as well, that means an increase in visibility

– You cannot overlook the importance of hashtags as they allow you content to be found easily by Instagram users to choose hashtags wisely

– We recommend you use HashtagsForLikes to get perfect hashtags for your IG post

Step # 5 Design & Plan Instafeed

Once you set with social presence now come to feed to get more perks in the form of more following and popularity. You need to make the feed more engaging using an appealing picture (vibrant), posts and videos concerning your decisive theme. As visual appeals, the human eye that will work with some smart tricks and strategies and you will end up with many Instagram likes and shares. 

You can make your instafeed unique in your certain style of photo editing which might become your identity. Many influencers use some useful photo-editing application to get certain style editing done; you may also use applications to get great results. 


– Unique and visual-appealing photos can make wonders, no doubt

– We recommend using high-quality filters and applications to get some incredibly appealing photos, some useful applications include Lightroom or VSCO

Step # 6 Plan Brand Aesthetics __ Consistency does matter

Plan your own aesthetics which make you stand out from other influencers. Popular insta influencers are also known to stick to their every aesthetic even after a long time. Once set your consistent vibe for profile and try stick to it, so that your audience knows what next to come.

Similarly, it gains you more engagement as people will spend enough time scrolling your instafeed. You can choose aesthetics like a combo of 2 or 3 colours or some fixed theme, a set theme must be bold and vibrant enough to increase photos appeal. 

Check out the best example of fixed theme and color combinations which no doubt is incredibly appealing:

Consistency in posting is another key factor that can boost engagement rates. Some influencers prefer posting once a day but there are many prefer twice a day and so on. According to studies content posting frequency should be increased to get a good result.

You need to set your content posting frequency realistically and try to stick to it. In case you are having a hard time sticking to the posting schedule you can use tools such as Ripl, Buffer, Planoly and Preview. These tools help you create content before schedule time and set it with the date and time according to a posting schedule. Now you are in all ease as it will post your content automatically without worrying you.

Step # 7 Genuine & high-quality Content 

Simply content posting is not the thing if you want to become an Instagram influencer you need to pay special attention at the quality and originality of the content. The more unique your content you create you are likely to increase engagement rate and following by more people.

Also, your content should be grammatically correct and of top-notch quality to prevent any mishap.


You can use Articoolo to check your content quality, in case you are not sure, this tool will help you get the best quality content.

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